Sea Grass Restoration/Mitigation

Seagrasses are flowering plants that commonly grow in large "meadows" in the marine environment; these seagrass meadows are a vital component to the health and function of the marine environment.

Seagrasses serve as habitat to a wide variety of juvenile and adult marine species, food for many aquatic creatures, erosion control and submerged substrate stabilization; seagrass meadows also capture and sequester more carbon from the atmosphere than any other eco-system.

Unfortunately due to a variety of man- made causes seagrass meadows have been on the decline worldwide for a long time and environmental professionals across the globe have been on the task of trying to halt the decline and restore damaged seagrass communities.

Adventure Environmental, Inc. (AEI) has been on the fore front of this restoration since 1998 performing and planning more seagrass restoration than any other firm in the country.


Description Total
Total seagrass restoration projects completed More than 50 projects
Total cy of sediment fill placed into injury features 5,123 cy
Total seagrass planting units (PU) installed 3,857 PUs
Total bird stakes installed 1,905

AEI Seagrass Restoration Clients:

  • US Dept. of Interior/Bisc & NPS
  • US Dept. of Commerce/NOAA
  • State of FL DEP/FWCC
  • South Florida Water Management District
  • National Audubon Society
  • Florida Keys Environmental Trust Fund
  • Miami-Dade County

Adventure Environmental Inc. (AEI) focuses on minimizing negative environmental impacts by repairing or restoring the negatively affected environment to its natural positive and stable environment.

Exotic vegetation removal/control, canal water-flow re-direction, mangrove and native vegetation planting, rip-rap and environmental controls including water quality and endangered species protection and monitoring. 

AEI has 2 State of Florida Department of Environmental Protection Qualified Mangrove Trimmers, QMT-031 & QMT-032, on staff so that you can rest assured that from planning to execution your mangrove trimming project will be handled in a timely and professional manner.

We stay up to date with all new techniques, rules and regulations of the Mangrove Preservation Act and can arrive by land or water to trim mangroves for navigational purposes, view, dock access or a walking path through your hard wood hammock.

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